Monday, 1 October 2012

On the wall finally!

At last I'm finally on el cap! The portaledge (first time I've slept in one - and we're 140 metres on el cap!) is up and we've just had tea. Tea was one bagel with one bossan cheese a pepper and a tomorrow. I also had a can of warn diet Pepsi.

Last night we hauled our selves up to the bottom of El Cap in the dark, and found two rattle snakes near we're we slept.

We slept next to el cap (all six of us)but it was too light to sleep due to a super bright full moon.

Ben said we would should have a swear box, but now he says everyone but me owes it thousands of dollars.

It's very hot hear tonight and enthusiastic about tomorrow. Think well have to sleep two more nights on the wall.

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