Friday, 28 September 2012

My day in San Francisco

Sorry for my lack of blog yesterday but I was on the road for most of the day.

Yesterday we got up and left our motel in Mersed and set of to San Francisco not forgetting to mention the fact I went to my first starbucks drive through. So we got to Berkeley and we spent about two hours looking around for a shop called marmot but finally when we were too hungry we pulled over and went to just the American equivalent of a decathlon. As we were paying we asked the lady behind the till were the marmot shop was and she told us that it had been shut down since march!

After that we went to pick up des and ben at the airport and had a black bear diner burger and the man. Sitting next to us has a plate size taco!!

I think the plan is we're climbing on Monday once des has a permit.

Here's a picture of me below el cap

Location:Curry Cabin Acc,,United States

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  1. Good luck, Ella - this is a fantastic challenge you are doing! You are braver than me!