Sunday, 23 September 2012

In the Valley

Have arrived in Yosemite after a 9 hour flight and 5 hours in the car. Got to bed at what would be 4 in the morning in English time, so was really tired. Still haven't got my head around time difference. My dad kept pocking me and wouldn't let me sleep until I got there because he said I had to go to sleep in US time.

Slept in a tipi with Alastair, paul and dad. They tried to show me Elcap in the dark but by the time we got to Yosemite I had slightly lost the will to live and could only vaguely make it out.

So we woke up the next day to find that we had no food so sadly (not that sad) so we had to go to my first american diner. We're I had a massive waffle with about a cup full syrup on. Even thought I didn't ask for a pancake but I think the man was to confused with my English accent.

After that we spent most of the day walking around Yosemite seeing the sights and a bit of slack lining and hammocking.

Saw Elcap today and its BIG!!! I'm really exited to start climbing the sooner the better.

Will post photos soon

Funniest thing today: made paul drink some milk that was off.

Cutest thing: saw a squirrel lying on its tummy crawling


  1. Great blog Ella.Please keep up the good work we love reading this!

    From,Rob and Peggy. (Brighton England.)

  2. Really looking forward to reading your blog! Have a great time on El Cap :-) I've only climbed on the first 6ft!!!! ;-)