Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My day with paul

Dad went up with Aldo to fix some ropes on the route. They were meant to climb up to pitch 5 but only climbed to pitch 2! It was dead hot so they looked really sweaty when they got back to the tent.

I wanted to go on the climb but the BBC said I couldn't until they were their to film me ( because they want to film my initial reaction).

Instead I did maths homework with paul and did some climbing.

Must be tired as I fell asleep in tent at 4pm, but you get up dead early here (dawn).

Going to go out if valley with dad tomorrow to pick up BBC cameramen. He wants to get me loads of white clothes so I stay cool on the climb. He also promises to sort out some photos for my blog.

Funny thing today was seeing a man playing monopoly with his kids who looked like Kim Jong Young - but he didn't look "so lonely"

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